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Chicago Running Tours

A running tour – how does that work?

A running tour has 2 main components:

1) It’s a tour—Participants will be guided to our most famous landmarks, led to some of the lesser known locations, hear amazing stories, discover hidden secrets, all while partaking in the most visual experience possible.
2) It’s a run—Participants will attain a nice cardio kick for their efforts.

What if I’m slow?

We love slow runners! We’ve got it figured out. We run between a 10 & 13 minute pace on our group runs with multiple stops. No one gets left behind. If you feel like you are slower than a 13 minute pace let’s correspond via email and we’ll determine if a private run is better. We have other strategies to accommodate the more casual pace. Just remember….The Slower We Go The More We Show.

I’m a fast runner. Will your guide keep up with me?

We do tours. We do not race. Our 5k Everyday routes generally take 90 minutes to 2 hours. Although our Private routes are personalized we have learned that it is no longer a tour when the pace is faster than an 8 minute mile.

What do you consider a good pace for a tour?

A sub 8 minute mile is too fast. 8 to 10 min mile range is doable. 10 to 12 min mile range is our sweet spot. 12 to 14 min mile range allows for great conversation. Anything over a 14 min mile pace is best for personalized options.

Can I bring my dog?

That’s a yes and no answer. Our 5k Everyday runs begin in Millennium Park. MP does not allow pets. However, we have had our participants join us just outside the park. No problem with pets on our Feature routes with the exception of the Millennium Park portion during City in a Garden tour.

Can I bring my kids?

Kids have a blast on our 5k Everyday’s. Our Grant Park 5k is the most popular choice. We have had them as young as 6. The question you must ask yourself is: how long is my child’s attention span. We do have stops where we tell stories. (Kids 12 and under are free.)

Can I bring my infant in a stroller?

Sure you can. We have had both success and disappointment. The disappointment was a very uncooperative toddler. The parents chose to break away from the group. We let them know that they could return any time at no additional cost. Note: our Chicago River Navy Pier route has stairs to navigate.

Did you say free photos?

That’s right. We have targeted spots along each route where we’ll capture you and your group in action. Photos will be shared via Flickr, so feel free to leave your camera at home.

Where do tours start?

All three of our 5k everyday tours start at the most photographed sculpture in Chicago – “the bean”/Cloud Gate. Two tours end there, with the 3rd ending just a few blocks away. Bonus: we’ll take photos and interact with the bean in a way most miss.
Join us for our feature routes, and we’ll meet you at your downtown hotel, or schedule a convenient meeting place.

Why in the world would I do a running tour?

If you’re visiting Chicago, it’s a great way to get in a workout without having to worry about getting lost or missing hidden gems. We know where to go, what to show, and have the best stories to share. We also provide an element of safety.

Can you accommodate a large tour group, corporate outing, birthday party, bachelorette party, or any other group I can think of?

Of course! Contact us here for more details.

Where can I sign-up?

To book a tour you can book direct online or contact us!

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COVID-19 Information

Chicago Running Tours & More is now closed for business. The business is available for anyone interested. I will consider all offers. If no interest, I will dissolve it on November 1st, 2020. It has been a terrific “run” since 2013. The business has won “4” Best of Chicago awards and “1” Best tour company in the state of Illinois. I will hand the trophies over to the party who takes over business.

During the Covid down time I set up a new business. It is called “RoadTrip Chicago – Private Tours“. Official launch date is August 2nd, 2020.

A direct link to the new site will soon be available.

I would like to thank everyone for their support and likes over the years.

I can be contacted at: [email protected]