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Chicago has some of the best museums in the world.  Two most notable are the Art Institute of Chicago and The Museum of Science and Industry.  These places are huge!  Get the most of your visit with a guide who knows his way around.  Nice additions to consider after a running tour..
Art Institute of Chicago

Join me for a highlights tour of the Art Institute of Chicago.  I’ll take you to the most famous works created by Picasso, Matisse, Chagall, Monet, Renoir, Van Gough, Greco, Wood, Hopper, O’Keefe & many others.  The best way to enjoy AIC is with a story telling guide.

white-crucifixion-by-marc-chagall thorne-room-miniatures the-rock-by-peter-blume nighthawks-by-edward-hopper mj-american-gothic-eldon georgia-okeefe-sky-above-clouds-iv american-gothis-by-grant-wood a-sunday-afternoon-on-the-island-of-la-grande-jatte-by-georges-seurat

The Museum of Science and Industry

A top 10 attraction in Chicago. The place is HUGE.  It’s virtually impossible to see everything in a single visit.  However, with a guide who can easily navigate through this massive facility, you can see the best of everything.  If you go, plan on being there at least a half day.  You will not be disappointed.

chicken-hatchery burlington-zepher brick-by-brick-lego-exhibit aviation u505-submarine human-hampster-wheel colleen-moores-fairy-tale-castle

Graceland Cemetery Walking Tour

Chicago’s history conveniently bundled in one location.  These residents won’t be able to tell you their stories.  But I can.  I’ll take you to the final resting places of Chicago’s founding settlers, most notable architects, and iconic sports stars.

Tour takes 2 hours & covers 40 sites.

victor-lawson inez-clark governer-john-altgelt getty-tomb ernie-banks dexter-graves bertha-potter-palmer

A developmentally challenged individual can be a contributor in society. Chicago Running Tours & More, LLC is committed to increasing awareness, employing, and advocating for the developmentally disabled. Learn more on our "Behind the scenes initiative" page and how a portion of each registration is allocated toward this cause.

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