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Have you ever had a need to tell someone about an experience you had? A need that is based on an important value you’ve learned? A need to share it with others — but your message is too long for a blog or a public presentation?

I wrote “Our Life on the Run” because our story is filled with numerous lessons that helped to develop powerful family bonding. It is a story about an uncommon journey with an outcome that inspires strength in family.

Ask to have your guide bring an autographed copy for your tour…$15….who knows, perhaps Marlin will be your guide.

5k Everyday Finisher shirt…..Do all 3 routes to earn your shirt.

A developmentally challenged individual can be a contributor in society. Chicago Running Tours & More, LLC is committed to increasing awareness, employing, and advocating for the developmentally disabled. Learn more on our "Behind the scenes initiative" page and how a portion of each registration is allocated toward this cause.

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